Custer State Park allows you to get close to various animals through the 18-mile Wildlife Loop Scenic Byway.

Custer: Explore the Landmarks of the Black Hills

When you visit Custer, you are sure to see some of South Dakota’s most famous landmarks. Custer's location in the Black Hills means easy access to memorials, state parks and caves teeming with outdoor recreation possibilities. Crazy Horse Memorial is the largest in-progress sculpture in the world. The memorial is dedicated to the preservation of Native American culture and history. Observe this awe-inspiring structure and learn about Native American history through the different exhibits and programs at the site’s museum and education center. Explore 71,000 acres at Custer State Park — from rock climbing and hiking to canoeing and boating, adventure awaits you here. You can even get prized views of wildlife via the 18-mile Wildlife Loop State Scenic Byway— visitors might see elk, pronghorn, bighorn sheep or some 1,300 bison roaming the park.

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Hidden Treasure: South Dakota’s Custer State Park

For those interested in exploring caves, the Custer area boasts two of the world’s longest caves. Jewel Cave National Monument, named for the crystals decorating its walls, is the third-longest cave in the world. Tour the depths of this national monument or hike the trails above ground at the 1,279-acre park. Explore Wind Cave National Park and observe the largest collection of boxwork formations in the world. Above the cave, the park features a 28,925-acre wildlife sanctuary.

Hit the water at stockade Lake in Custer State Park

Custer State Park

With beaches, lakes, granite peaks and rolling plains, there's a lot to explore at Custer State Park. This 71,000-acre park in the Black Hills offers all kinds of outdoor adventure. The campgrounds, guided tours, kayak and canoe rentals and lodge are just a few of the many visitor amenities the park offers.

Find Your Next Adventure at Custer State Park

Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial, the world's largest in-progress sculpture, is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Custer. Learn about this multi-generational work of art as well as Native American history at the Native American Educational and Cultural Center and the Indian Museum of North America on-site. 

Visit Crazy Horse Memorial

Cyclists on Mickelson Trail

Mickelson Trail

This magnificent 109-mile trail stretches the length of the Black Hills, following an abandoned railroad bed into jagged cliffs and pine forests. Start your adventure at one of 15 trailheads and enjoy the charm of trestle bridges, railroad tunnels, and other features of this amazing trail.

Explore Mickelson Trail

Huge view from Custer Skywalk

Custer Skywalk

Starting at the south end of Sixth Street in Custer, this trail will take you to magnificent views of Custer and the scenic Cathedral Spires.

See the Custer Skywalk

A family explores Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave National Monument

Go underground to explore the third-longest cave in the world! Take a variety of tours, but don't forget to check out the 1,289-acre park above ground. 

Explore Jewel Cave

Exploring Wind Cave

Wind Cave National Park

The first cave to be designated a national park, Wind Cave National Park features the world's largest concentration of rare boxwork formations along with 33,851 acres of forest and prairie on the surface that serve as sanctuary for wildlife.

Check out Wind Cave

Jewel Cave, the third largest cave in the world, is one of many caves to explore in the Black Hills.
Plan Your Visit

Located in South Dakota’s Black Hills and near some of the state’s biggest attractions, Custer offers no shortage of exciting places to explore.

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PLACES to Stay near Custer

Immerse yourself in Black Hills life at an outpost where the buffalo roam, pitch your tent at a rustic campground or find a well-appointed room with all the trappings of modern life in Custer.


Where to Eat and Drink 

From craft breweries and chef-driven menus to hearty Midwestern favorites, Custer has all the variety of a big-city culinary scene. Fuel your adventures, or wind down after a day of fun, at these spots.


What to See and Do Nearby

Experience the awe of two of the world's largest cave system. View impressive herds of buffalo as they graze. Explore the legacy and living heritage of indigenous peoples at Crazy Horse Memorial. It's all here in the heart of the Black Hills.

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