Mount Rushmore in the Fall

The Great 8

Great Places that put South Dakota on the map

Mount Rushmore National Memorial
mount rushmore

Forever emblazoned in granite, a shrine of democracy marches across the skyline of America. Gazing over the Black Hills, four U.S. presidents stand for hope, determination, and the spirit of a nation.

Mount Rushmore map location

13000 Highway 244
Keystone, SD57751
United States

Badlands National Park
Badlands Icon

An ancient sea floor rises and swallows the rolling plains. Colorful, dramatic and surreal, the sculptured pinnacles and painted gullies preserve the past in layers of colorful sediment.

Badlands map location

25216 Ben Reifel Road
Interior, SD57750
United States

Crazy Horse Memorial
Crazy Horse Icon
Crazy Horse Memorial

Emerging from granite and iron is the likeness of a legendary leader. More than carved rock, the Crazy Horse dream points toward commitment, a fervent legacy and a proud future.

Crazy Horse Map Location

12151 Avenue of the Chiefs
Crazy Horse, SD57730
United States

Deadwood Icon
Historic Deadwood

The race for gold raised a mountain town to its feet for a colorful traipse through history. Grit, determination, and legendary characters entrenched this landmark city in the lore of the American West.

Deadwood Map Location

501 Main Street
Deadwood, SD57732
United States

Custer State Park
Custer Icon
Custer State Park

Reflected in clear mountain waters, needles of granite splay into blue sky above emerald forests and windswept prairies where herds of wildlife roam free.

Custer State Park Map location

13329 US Highway 16A
Custer, SD57730
United States

Jewel Cave
Jewel Cave Icon
Jewel Cave National Monument

Brilliant colors and fragile crystals linger where only man-made light glistens. Wrapped in permanent midnight and creased by prehistoric veins, an underground wilderness hides passageways yet to be explored.

Jewel Cave map location

11149 US Highway 16, Bldg. B12
Custer, SD57730
United States

Wind Cave
Wind Cave Icon
Wind Cave National Park

Hidden under swaying grasses and sacred hillside forests, a centuries-old maze whistles to curious passersby. This is a sanctuary for worlds above ground and below where rare finds run deep through the past.

Wind Cave map location

26611 US Highway 385
Hot Springs, SD57747
United States

Missouri River
Missouri River Icon
Missouri River

North to south, a band of shimmering water cuts the prairie in two. Reservoirs of abundant life, along with stretches of mighty currents, tease the imagination of outdoor explorers past and present.

Missouri River Map location

20207 SD Highway 1804
Pierre, SD57501
United States