Under a logo reading "Forever 605 Travel Respectfully," two hiker walk amongst the rock formations and green trees of the Black Hills


It’s bigger than a state. It’s a state of mind. 
For those bold enough to follow our trails, smart enough to follow our code:  
Of exploring this state. Enjoying this state. Embracing this state. Respecting this state.
To set a fire in your soul, but extinguish the one on your campground. 
To leave nothing behind but boot prints, and bring back only the dirt under your nails. 
To explore all points on the map, and not overcrowd just a few of them. 
To travel far, but shop local. To embrace the moment, but respect the past. 
To let the wild be wild, and keep nature in nature. 
To give just as much to the 605 state as this place will give to you.
To forever be curious. Forever be adventurous. Forever wild. Forever proud. Forever 605.

I pledge to be both

a brave wanderer and a passionate steward of the 605 state

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Travel Far, Close to Home

There’s a lot more than Mount Rushmore. With more than 77,000 square miles, there’s so much South Dakota to explore. And by choosing some of the lesser-known destinations, you’re alleviating pressure on the more overcrowded travel points and bringing the benefits of tourism to the undiscovered ones.

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A trailhead is the start of a journey where travelers and nature cross paths. And one where trash and nature shouldn’t. All it takes to respect the 605 state is pocketing that granola wrapper or packing up your plastic bags. It not only respects the wildlife, but preserves the trail for other travelers to enjoy.

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South Dakota is the crossroads of a rich history and a boundless present, and it’s easy to honor both. They live on through things like the arts, dance, song, storytelling, food, and cultural festivals. By educating yourself about South Dakota’s Indigenous, pioneer, and Old West roots, heritage, and cultures, you can fully respect and engulf yourself in the state.

Shop Local Stewardship Icon Illustration of Wall Drug and Giant Jackalope


Strengthening the 605 state begins with supporting its one-of-a-kind businesses. By shopping and dining locally and respecting frontline workers in the tourism industry, you’re helping South Dakota and its local businesses thrive into the future.

Woman fly fishing in Spearfish Canyon.
Be Forever 605

South Dakota: one area code, so many things to appreciate. From its wide open spaces and wondrous wildlife to historic landmarks and one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures, it's a place to be explored and preserved. Share your favorite South Dakota moments on social media with #Forever605

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