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Haakon County: History Comes Alive


PIERRE, S.D. – Located just northeast of the stunning Badlands National Park, Haakon County offers several entertaining and educational attractions. Discover the communities of Philip, Milesville, Ottumwa, Billsburg, Nowlin and Midland.

Tour the Midland Pioneer Museum, a facility containing a complete history of the area. Museum features include local antiquities such as horse-drawn cultivators, early tractors and farm trucks, an outfitted homestead shack, furnished prairie schoolhouse and the original 1907 Chicago & Northwestern railroad depot.

Expand your knowledge of the pioneering lifestyle at Prairie Homestead south of Philip. Built in the early 1900s, this site is listed in the National Register of Historical Places and contains an original set of homestead buildings including a sod dugout home, one of very few sod dwellings intact today. Prairie Homestead is also home to the world’s only white prairie dog town.

While in the area, explore the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site and stand where Cold War missiles could have been launched in a nuclear strike. Located near Haakon County, this attraction brings to life the history of the Cold War and the realities felt at the threat of nuclear warfare. Call the Minuteman Missile NHS headquarters at (605) 433-5552 for more information or to make reservations at this popular site.

The Uniquely South Dakota series is a project of the South Dakota Office of Tourism designed to highlight unique aspects and attractions in each of South Dakota’s 66 counties.


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