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The Travel South Dakota Stories Podcast

Close your eyes. Listen to the rustle of the prairie grass. Hear the sounds of snorting bison in Custer State Park, of cards being shuffled in Deadwood. Imagine being there.


South Dakota is where buffalo roam, gunslingers entertain, and mountains & monuments stand tall over open land. Hear stories and surprises on The Travel South Dakota Stories. Each new podcast episode offers you a deep dive into the wide open land of infinite variety, reminding you there's always more to discover in South Dakota.


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It's kind of interesting that people that come here to Crazy Horse Memorial, because it's almost like there's a spiritual calling. They don't know quite what it is. But they feel it.
Paul LaRoche, Lakota tribe member and founder of the band Brulé. (Ep. 3)
Nobody's down here except for us ghost people and the hotel staff. And some of the hotel staff in the past wouldn't come down here by themselves. Things happen in here. Things have happened to me.
Kate, Ghost Tour Guide at the Bullock Hotel, Deadwood (Ep. 2)
You’re experiencing what you see on TV and the old western movies, the buffalo roaming across the prairie like that. It's that Old West tradition that you don't see anywhere else in the world.
Matt Snyder, Superintendent of Custer State Park (Ep. 1)
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A cowboy wields a bullwhip to make a sound that moves bison during the Buffalo Roundup in Custer
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Show Notes & Episode Summaries

Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

Episode 1: The Rise and Fall of the Buffalo

Feel the ground rumble and the dust fly as sixty cowboys and cowgirls saddle up to bring in a thundering herd of 1,300 buffalo at the 57th Annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup. But we’re not just watching it. We are in the thick of it as we get thrown around on the back of a truck chasing the herd across the wide-open plains!


Along the way, we discover that although the roundup harks back to a different time, the adventurous spirit of South Dakotans that has been a way of life for centuries still lives on. And that spirit is infectious.


Historic Deadwood Main Street

Episode 2: Black Hills and Deadwood

Tales of the Wild West and lawless frontiers are ingrained in American culture - and in Deadwood, the discovery of riches in the southern Black Hills in 1874 kicked off one of the largest gold rushes in America. Not long after, Deadwood became a rough-and-ready boomtown that steadily lured bands of outlaws, gamblers, and gunslingers.


Join us as we mosey down Deadwood’s streets in search of famed tales and legendary residents from this wild frontier. Through it all, we discover that Deadwood is truly alive. Well, besides the ghosts. It’s a place where the wild west spirit lives on. You can feel it – and the former coarse and cavorting town is now a lot less rough, but just as much fun. 


Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse, South Dakota

Episode 3: Legends in Stone

The great Lakota Sioux Nation has become the international symbol of America’s native people. More 60,000 Lakota Native Americans live in South Dakota, and they believe that their very creation began in the Black Hills.


Along the way, we uncover what makes Native American culture in South Dakota so unique.  And as you hear these stories and the history of this fascinating and colorful culture, including the colossal Crazy Horse Memorial, you’ll soon discover that you need to experience South Dakota for yourself.


Recorded on-location throughout South Dakota, this audio adventure is designed to do more than just let you hear what it’s like to be there; it’s designed to let you feel what it’s like for real! Produced by Armchair Productions, the audio experts for the travel industry, this podcast will transport you to a land awaiting your discovery.

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