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Melissa Bachman + DSG Hunting Giveaway

South Dakota is committed to welcoming all walks of hunters to the field. That’s why we’re partnering with Melissa Bachman, host of "Winchester Deadly Passion," and DSG, a women’s outerwear company, to give away the ultimate upland adventure.

    Enter for a chance for you and three people to win a prize pack that includes:

    • Pheasant hunting trip with Melissa Bachman that will be featured on "Winchester Deadly Passion"
    • Guided hunt sponsored by Halverson Hunts

    • DSG Outerwear hunting gear valued at $5,000
    • Free lodging, transportation and food costs

    About Melissa Bachman

    The host and producer of "Winchester Deadly Passion" on the Sportsman Channel, Melissa Bachman has traveled the world for a show going on 10 seasons of high-octane hunts. She lives in Gregory, South Dakota, with her family and two dogs, Porkchop and Ribeye.

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    About DSG Outerwear

    DSG Outerwear focuses exclusively on women's outdoor clothing, putting a strong emphasis on fit as well as function for outerwear and lifestyle clothing that not only keeps you warm, but truly fits your body.

    Their Story

    Woman in DSG Outerwear holding a rifle and a pheasant
    Hunter in a field aiming at a flying Pheasant

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