The Revenant

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

An epic tale of survival and revenge, the early 2016 film The Revenant tells the story of frontiersman Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Glass was a trapper in South Dakota, where he was mauled by a Grizzly bear and left for dead by his companions. Fueled by revenge and the will to survive, he crawled for 6 weeks to the nearest settlement, Fort Kiowa. Today, you can follow the route Glass took through the South Dakota wilderness and be amazed just how he lived to tell the tale. Start at the Hugh Glass monument near the Shadehill State Recreation Area, where he was mauled by the bear, and explore the area from the beautiful plains of the Grand River National Grassland, moving down highway 73 past Thunder Butte, which Glass used as a reference point for navigating. Continue down to the Cheyenne River where Glass fashioned a crude raft and floated down to the Missouri River and, eventually, to safety in Fort Kiowa. Fort Kiowa is gone now, but the present day towns of Oacoma and Chamberlain were established near where the fort used to be.

View the video below of John Lopez describing the original location where Hugh Glass was attacked and his motivation for creating the beautiful sculpture depicting the event.

Hugh Glass sculpture by John Lopez