President Lincoln, City of Presidents, Rapid City

The Presidential Statues of Rapid City

Wander amongst a sea of presidents in beautiful downtown Rapid City

You might catch yourself humming "Hail to the Chief" as you explore The City of Presidents in downtown Rapid City. This series of life-sized bronze statues of American Presidents line the area's streets and sidewalks. Engage with history and take some commanding photos with your favorite! For a detailed walking guide, click here.

With cowboy hat and sword, the statue of Teddy Roosevelt stands tall in downtown Rapid City
Teddy Roosevelt
A statue of George W Bush extends a thumbs up while holding a dog in downtown Rapid City
George W. Bush


To appease farmers & ranchers while also escaping the oppressive DC heat, President Calvin Coolidge set up a summer White House in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1927. "His secret service agent called it sort of a second childhood that he experienced here, like he had woken up in a dimestore cowboy novel," said Seth Tupper, author of Calvin Coolidge in the Black Hills. "He really seemed to have a lot of fun."

Rapid City Jefferson statue
Thomas Jefferson
Statue of Ulysses S Grant in downtown Rapid City
Ulysses S Grant
The back of the Calvin Coolidge statue in Rapid City
Calvin Coolidge


Six different artists sculpted the 40+ bronze President statues on the street corners of Rapid City. According to Dallerie Davis, co-founder of the City of Presidents project, "If one of them wasn't cooperating, I threatened them with having to do Millard Fillmore."

A full-size statue of Millard Fillmore looks out over a Rapid City street
Millard Fillmore
A statue of Richard Nixon casts an ominous gaze on a Rapid City street
Richard Nixon
A statue of William McKinley in downtown Rapid City
William McKinley


Some say that the Richard Nixon statue is reminiscent of The Simpsons villain Montgomery Burns. The body language makes it hard to argue the point.

A statue of Harry S Truman holds a newspaper stating "Dewey Defeats Truman"
Harry S. Truman
The statue of Bill Clinton holds a microphone in downtown Rapid City
Bill Clinton
A profile shot of the William Henry Harrison statue in downtown Rapid City
William Henry Harrison
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