Taproom at Crow Peak Brewery

Breweries of Western South Dakota

The beauty isn't all outdoors. Wait until you have a pint of some of South Dakota's finest beer.

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Couple drinking beer at Lost Cabin
Lost Cabin Beer Company (Rapid City)

Lost Cabin Beer Company owners Jesse and Tom admit that they’re obsessed with the Black Hills. That passion comes through in beers like Dakota Common, an easy drinking lager made with South Dakota hops, and Lord Grizzly Scotch Ale. Lost Cabin is one of the top-rated breweries in the state. There's only one delicious way to test those reviews.

Pizza and beer at Crow Peak Brewery
Crow Peak Brewing Co. (Spearfish)

You can find their beer in stores all across the state, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of sitting down in the rustic taproom of one of South Dakota’s premier breweries. Since 2007, Crow Peak has consistently been a must-drink for beer lovers in and out of state. Have a fresh glass of one of the favorites or check out one of the small-batch beers available only in the tap room. Ratebeer named their Pile-O-Dirt Porter as the Top Beer in the state in 2016. Beer lovers across the state (and beyond) do not disagree.

External view of Miner Brewing
MIner Brewing Company (Hill City)

Right beside the region’s winningest winery is Miner Brewing Company, a beautiful wooden oasis with a delicious, ever-changing beer menu and live music series. Order some food at the bar and they’ll bring it over from the neighboring Prairie Berry Winery kitchen. Order a flight of beer and prepare for a celebration of flavor. Oh, did we mention the igloos? They appear every year as the weather cools, allowing you to enjoy cold beer in a warm igloo while taking in the beauty of a South Dakota winter.

Firehouse Brewing Co. is one of five local craft breweries in Rapid City.
Firehouse Brewing Company (Rapid City)

The state’s oldest operating brewery serves delicious beer and food in the city’s original firehouse. On the right days, you can hit the patio for a drink in the sun during the day and live music at night. If the weather isn’t cooperating, there’s plenty of room inside and lots of Rapid City history & beer to experience.

Beer and bartender at Zymurcracy
Zymurcracy Beer Company (Rapid City)

Zymurcracy [ZĪˌmər-krə-sē], noun: A community of individuals dedicated to the principles and art of fermentation science. Now that you know how to pronounce it, it's time order up a pint at Zymurcracy Beer Co. in southern Rapid City. The veteran-owned beer company is based on fermentation and connection. Those things are easy, thanks to superior beer and a comfortable tap room.

Woodland Republic beer
Woodland Republic Brewing and Blending (Rapid City)

Do you believe in the power of sour? The owner of Woodland Republic Brewing and Blending does. Borrowing from the Belgian tradition of spontaneously fermented beer, this Rapid City brewery makes beer for those that enjoy their beer sour and/or fruity. Delight in the flavor explosions, including the annual and beloved POG (Pomegranate Orange Guava).

External view of Dakota Shivers
Dakota Shivers Brewing (Lead)

In the heart of what was once mining country sits Dakota Shivers Brewing, a perfect escape from the busy world. Being located in Lead – a town of less than 4,000 people – means a slower pace of life and absolutely delicious beer.

Hay Camp Brewing Company
Hay Camp Brewing Company (Rapid City)

The almost-immediate popularity of Hay Camp Brewing Company’s beer meant the entire business had to relocate to a bigger space in Rapid City in 2017. There may be more seats, but the beer is still small-batch and just as delicious as ever.

Taps at Sturgis Brewing Company
Sturgis Brewing Company (Sturgis)

The beer, the outdoor stage, the massive seating areas — The Knuckle Brewing Company grew in popularity so much that they had to build Sturgis Brewing Company, an 18,000-square-foot building with even more seating, beer and fun. Whether you're in town for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or taking in western South Dakota during one of the state's amazing seasons, a Sturgis Brewing Company brew is waiting for you.

Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Company's selection of  beers on tap.
Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co. (Hill City)

Located just a stone’s throw from Miner Brewing in Hill City is Sick-N-Twisted Brewing Co. These beers may have naughty names, but they’re oh-so-nice to taste.

Beer poured at Cohort Craft Brewery
Cohort Craft Brewery (Rapid City)

On the south side of Rapid City, check out the latest creations at Cohort Craft Brewery. In addition to tasty takes on classic styles, Cohort makes and serves their own mead, a gluten-free beverage made from Three Queens Honey produced just 20 miles away in New Underwood.

Jacobs Brewhouse exterior
Jacobs Brewhouse (Deadwood)

Deadwood's history as a Wild West community certainly came with liquid encouragement, but only now has a brewery opened in this historic town. At Jacobs Brewhouse, you can not only get a fresh pint — there's also food that earns consistently rave reviews as well as groceries and an atmosphere that will ensure your time is comfortable.

Glass of beer at Sawyer Brewing
Sawyer Brewing Co. (Spearfish)

The descendants of generations of loggers, the brewers at Sawyer Brewing Co. honor the hard work of their ancestors by making sure every beer served is just right. One of the latest breweries to open up in the beautiful Black Hills community of Spearfish, this is the ideal place to kick back and enjoy a pint of something perfect.

Beer from Spearfish Brewery
Spearfish Brewing Company (Spearfish)

After 13 years in the Wyoming brewing industry, Nathan Venner returned to his native South Dakota with one goal: make great beer. That’s exactly what he’s doing at Spearfish Brewing Company. In addition to award-winning brews, patrons can also enjoy both in-house sparkling water and kombucha on tap plus nosh from a rotating food menu.

Beer and growler at Mt Rushmore Brewing
Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company (Custer)

Not many places in the world are as surrounded by beauty as Custer, so it should be no surprise that Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company offers hand-crafted seasonal ales, porters, and stouts that taste just as great as the surrounding scenery looks. 

A flight of beer at Dakota Point Brewing
Dakota Point Brewing (Rapid City)

Known to regulars as "The Point," Dakota Point Brewing in Rapid City uses an all-grain process to brew beers created by the staff themselves. Stop in for the latest creation or, in other words, get to The Point!

Beers from Last Mile Brewery
Last Mile Brewery (Rapid City)

No one knows exactly how much brewing experience leads to mastery, but 30 years has to be a pretty good guess. Taste the results of decades of experience at Last Mile Brewery in Rapid City.

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