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South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

The Greatest Thrill

It's the cackle of a rooster. The rush of the flush. The tailgate talks at the end of the field and the stories at the end of the day. A hunt in the world's greatest pheasant country is a thrill like no other.

See how easy it is to experience it for yourself.

Female pheasant hunter in a field


This year alone, hunters from across the state are reporting excellent bird numbers, with many commenting how numbers are up from previous years! We have the most birds in the country, but the fun goes beyond the field —  no place caters to hunters like South Dakota.

Two pheasant hunters in the field


“The people here are really special. That’s what makes the hunt. I have repeat hunters who say they’ve never met a rude person in South Dakota. Then, of course, we have the habitat. So it’s the people and the birds that really make our state special.”

Steve Halverson, owner of Halverson Hunts

Young woman pheasant hunting


“I love South Dakota pheasant hunting because it’s one of the most adrenaline rushing hunts you can go on. There’s the excitement of birds getting up right to you – and there’s the chance to make memories with your favorite people. I love it.”

Grace Sargent, pheasant hunter

Older male pheasant hunter walking in field with riffle


“I love spending time with my kids outdoors. And pheasant hunting is a great way to do it. They can take a shot and miss, and that's okay, but the fun part is putting them in a position where they can be successful.”

Doug Sargent, pheasant hunter

Young woman pheasant hunting


“For me it's really getting out into the field. It's the sun bathing over the landscape and the way the adrenaline hits you when a bird flushes. It's all of those experiences in the field for me, that really make me love it.”

Erica Yost, Pheasants Forever

What Makes South Dakota the Greatest?

The habitat and hospitality. A healthy mix of cropland and prairie creates the ideal pheasant habitat. The proof is in the results: more than 1 million roosters have been harvested in 17 of the past 20 years!

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The birds are plentiful. Hunting conditions continue to improve as crop harvest continues, and there is an abundance of smiles in the field. Visit South Dakota and you’ll be in the for most thrilling and unforgettable bird hunts of your life. Get your ticket to outdoor adventures with a South Dakota small game license.


Tailgate Talks

Everyone hunts for a different reason. The habitat, the company, the rush of the flush – it’s all part of the great South Dakota experience.

Female pheasant hunter in a field
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Erica Hill

Pheasants Forever representative Erica Hill talks conservation and why she’s passionate about preserving habitat.

Father and daughter pheasant hunters
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Sargent Family

Spending time with the people you’re closest to: that’s what hunting the greatest is all about.

Featured Sportswomen Resources

Find helpful tips for hunting around South Dakota – and stories from the women who have been there and done that.

Women in the Field

2022 Pheasant Harvest Report

“South Dakota is the greatest state in the country to pheasant hunt,” said Kevin Robling, GFP Secretary. “The harvest numbers show exactly why: hunters are going to find abundant birds across the state all season long.”

- Kevin Robling, GFP Secretary

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